The Life Of A Claim

Here's an overview of what happens when you use Healthy Bytes.

Insurance can be messy, so don't forget that each phase could have additional steps for more complicated insurance plans...

If Everything Goes According to Plan...

It takes about one month for most insurance companies to send out your reimbursement. Some insurers are faster than others, such as Medicare, which guarantees payment within two weeks of rendering care.

Note that the reimbursement will come directly from the insurance company, not from Healthy Bytes.

If There's A Hiccup In Processing the Claim...

If a claim is denied, it typically adds 60 days to the payment timeline. While we can’t control the timeline in which a claim is corrected, we take care of communicating with the insurance company to do everything we can to get your claim paid!

  • Denied claims can be avoided by ensuring that all the demographic and insurance policy information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Sometimes a claim is denied because the insurance company wants to review the patient's medical records. In this instance, we'll send you an email (using a HIPAA-compliant encryption tool) and request the necessary information. 

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