What Your Billing Ally Can and Cannot Do


Your Billing Ally will be happy to assist you with any of the following tasks:

  • Initiating authorizations (when possible)

  • Sending in appeals to insurance companies

  • Submitting letters of reconsideration

  • Submitting requests for re-sending remittance

  • Processing or refiling old claims

  • Investigating a patient's primary/secondary insurance

  • Investigating payment address/check numbers

  • Requesting stop-pays and reissuing of checks

Your Billing Ally will not be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Speak to or interact with patients

  • Speak to or contact primary care providers (PCPs)

  • Guarantee payment for services rendered

  • Set up EFTs

  • Write letters of medical necessity (but can provide you with sample letters)

  • Guarantee benefits from the insurance company

  • Set up online provider portals

  • Negotiate fee schedules

If you paid the fee for provider contracting, the following services are also available to you at no additional charge. If you joined Healthy Bytes strictly for billing our billing services, the services below are available to you at an additional fee—just ask your Billing Ally.

  • Updating CAQH information

  • Conducting demographic updates

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