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How to become an in-network dietitian

Check out our full blog series on the benefits of taking insurance and, when you're ready, how to become an in-network dietitian. Overwhelmed by the jargon? Click here for a glossary of nutrition billing terms.  We post new resources daily and send out a weekly newsletter with the latest nutrition insurance news.

1. SET UP YOur

  • Create a list of insurance companies that you want to work with.
  • Complete the CAQH.
  • "Attest" that the information is correct.
  • Call each insurance company from your list and speak with credentialing/contracting representative.

2.  GET Credentialed

3. GET ContractED

  • Complete any additional nutrition contracting paperwork that is required by your target insurance companies, most require you to mail or fax those applications in.
  • Wait. Wait. Wait. It can take as long as 180 days for the insurance companies to process your paperwork.

  • Once you get your first contract, you can start seeing patients from that plan!
  • Double check that you show up on the insurance provider list (online). This is a great source of referrals. 
  • Checkout Webinar 3 for more details

4. Start BillinG


We can handle all of this for you! 

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