I love Healthy Bytes because it makes the process of becoming a health insurance provider and filing claims seamless, which allows me to reach a broader spectrum of clients.
— Kelly, MS RDN CDN

How Insurance Used To Be

In the past, accepting health insurance was a question of "Is this worth my time and effort?" because of limited reimbursement and the upfront time investment to get credentialed and contracted with different health plans. And let's not forget about all the extra time you'd need to spend performing client eligibility checks and submitting successful claims to obtain your reimbursements!

How Things Are Changing

With the Affordable Care Act, nutritional counseling is now covered by many insurance plans. For the first time, RDs can be reimbursed by insurance for more nutrition-related diagnoses than ever before. 

As of 2015, nutritional counseling is an essential benefit in 26 states and widely covered even in states that don't have it as an essential benefit. The new emphasis on preventative services makes it possible to get reimbursed for weight management, disordered eating, and many other areas that were hard to get paid for in the past. The areas that were traditionally covered, such as diabetes and kidney disease, have also seen improvements. With many plans, patients are getting unlimited visits that are fully-covered for nutritional counseling.

What That Means for Dietitians

We've seen RDs grow from needing day jobs to being able to sustain full-time private practices. Being a provider at a variety of insurance companies increases the number of patients you can see, often at no cost to the patient.

You can still set your rate. We can help you understand what is competitive for your area, and when possible, negotiate for a higher reimbursement level. Many RDs find that the reimbursement levels are competitive with what they were charging self-pay clients.

Where Healthy Bytes Comes In

Here I was, trying to navigate this whole new world of insurance. And I didn’t want to wait ten days for an answer. With Healthy Bytes, I didn’t have to.
— Hope, M.ED, RD, LD

Unfortunately, many dietitians have told us that taking insurance is high on their list of fears when it comes to their private practices. But insurance doesn't have to be scary! Healthy Bytes is designed to protect dietitians from the pain of insurance, because we do most of the legwork for you. The average dietitian saves 20 hours or more using our contracting service!

Our service includes:

  • A dedicated dietitian contracting expert

  • CAQH setup

  • Help with getting an NPI and EIN

  • Curated list of insurance companies based on your area and needs

  • Unlimited contracting with insurance companies now and in the future (most folks start with 3-4)

  • Reassurance. We'll be your advocate with insurance companies. 

  • Bonus! Save 20+ hours in paperwork

Once you're set up with insurance, you can file a claim through our online platform in less than 45 seconds. Then we'll take care of the rest!

Have questions?

We have a team of experts ready to help get you set up and paid by insurance. Best of all, we're happy to hop on a call and answer all of the little questions that are nagging you. Let us know how we can help! Drop us a line at hello@healthybytes.co.


$1395 for insurance companies and Medicare.

If you're looking for more resources

On the Healthy Bytes blog, we have many resources for starting with insurance, including:

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We're here to help!

If you have any questions about starting your private practice, insurance, or Healthy Bytes, drop us a line at hello@healthybytesinc.com.