Start accepting insurance with Healthy Bytes as your ally.

Insurance can be confusing and the paperwork is terrible.
Healthy Bytes will be your guide.

Here I was, trying to navigate this whole new world of insurance. And I didn’t want to wait ten days for an answer. With Healthy Bytes, I didn’t have to.
— Hope, M.ED, RD, LD

The Healthy Bytes Way

Step 1: We talk through your goals

  • You tell us about the practice you want to build. 
  • We offer suggestions based on our best knowledge of insurance companies. 
  • Together we design a customized action plan to meet your goals.

Step 2: We get you credentialed

  • We complete the CAQH with your help- the questions can get personal, but we take care of the confusing details. 
  • We fill out the paperwork required to contract with each insurance company. 
  • We take it from there! Sit back, relax, and spend your precious time doing something that you love. 

Step 3: You're an in-network provider

  • Hate hold music? We call to follow up with each insurance company to make sure your application is processed efficiently. 
  • It takes about 180 days to complete the process and we do all the heavy lifting for as little as $1395.
  • Once you have a contract, we get you in touch with a personal Billing Ally who can walk you through filing claims in our system, so you can start seeing patients and making money! 

  • Your fee covers one dietitian, from one state, under one tax ID, for a one year period. At this time we only provide services for Registered Dietitians (RDs).

  • We will help you with 4 contracts for $1395 - an investment you'll make up just by seeing 4 patients per insurance company!

  • We will help you with 10 contracts for $3500 - an investment you'll make up just by seeing 3 patients per insurance company!

  • You've purchased your initial service package, but you want to be in-network with even more insurance companies? We can help, at $350 per additional application. 

  • We'll handle demographic updates, fee schedules, and other contract-related inquiries for your first year for free. After that, we'll stay in your corner for a monthly maintenance fee of $75. 

  • Have existing contracts that drive you crazy? Yep, we can help with that too. Chat with our awesome sales team for details on pricing.

  • After your contracts come in, we get you in touch with our billing service, for easy claim filing! Billing is a separate fee, and for more information you can check out our Billing page

Dietitians who become in-network providers increase their
revenue by over 300% within the first year.

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