Tools of the Trade: Healthy Bytes

On Wednesdays we'll show you new tools-- many of them free to use -- to help simplify and organize your practice.

To get us started, we'll tell you a bit more about our favorite tool, Healthy Bytes. 


Healthy Bytes (us!)


A web-based platform to help dietitians (like you!) organize insurance and billing. For dietitians who aren’t yet providers, we provide contracting and credentialing services. For those who already take insurance, we enable quick-and-easy claims filing and management.


Any time you have claims to file, and a few minutes on your hands.

Where: (here!)


Healthy Bytes is the only full-service billing platform that specializes in nutritional counseling reimbursement. Many dietitians find they earn more money and are able to grow their practices faster if they become insurance providers.  Powered by advanced machine learning, we reduce errors and speed processing. It takes a minute to file a claim, and we take it from there!


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