CAQH Basics

You've probably heard the acronym CAQH thrown around in the insurance world. We discussed it briefly in our post How to take Insurance as a Private Practice RD: Dietitian Contracting, but what is it exactly? Today, we'll discuss what CAQH is in depth, and the information you'll need to complete your profile. 

What is the CAQH?

We like to think of CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) as a digital filing cabinet where you can securely keep your information as a healthcare provider. It's convenient because you'll have everything in one place!

What do we use it for?

We highly recommend filling out the CAQH for credentialing and contractingit makes the process smoother. Once you enter your information in the CAQH Proview portal, you can authorize specific health plans to access your information for credentialing. It also comes in handy during the contracting phase because you'll have all your practice information and ID numbers in one place!

What information will I need to fill out?

Remember, if you use Healthy Bytes for contracting, we'll fill out the CAQH for you.

The information they need is, essentially, all the information that is relevant to you being a dietitian. Some examples of what they ask: 

  • Basic Demographic Information (name, address, provider type, practice setting, and state, etc.) 
  • ID numbers (Group and Personal NPI's, Tax ID, Medicare or Medicaid numbers if applicable) 
  • Practice information (name and location) 
  • Education and work history 
  • Any hospital affiliations you may have
  • Liability Insurance information (you must have this for credentialing and contracting)

This isn't a full list but just some of the main categories you'll need to fill out to complete your profile.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments!