The Healthy Bytes Way with Hope Hayes

From Eligibility Checks to Getting Paid 

Healthy Bytes Simplifies the Insurance Reimbursement Process for Nourishing NH, LLC

We’re proud to share another one of our client’s success stories with you today! Registered Dietitian Hope Hayes, M.ED, RD, LD, is one of Healthy Byte’s first clients. Hope owns and operates her private practice, Nourishing NH, LLC, in Silver Lake, NH. Her nutrition consulting service specializes in restorative nutrition for eating disorder clients. The company provides compassionate, supportive, patient-centered care for clients who desire a nutritional lifestyle change.

Healthy Bytes supports Hope in her billing and reimbursement – just 45 seconds and a few clicks, and this RDN is on her way to getting paid! Read on to learn more about Hope’s story.

Path to Hanging the Placard at Nourishing NH

Hope established Nourishing NH to fulfill a professional and personal need, but her path to becoming a dietitian had a few stops along the way. Hope notes an early fascination with the medical field; she believed she wanted to be a nurse. When it became clear to her that nursing was not in her future, she quickly changed majors and pursued a marketing career but still longed to work in the medical field. That is when she viewed an advertisement for a degree in nutrition from Simmons College while riding the “T” in Boston.

“Instantly, I thought, ‘That’s what I’m supposed to do.’” 

Following her undergrad career at Simmons College, she completed her Master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion at Plymouth State University in NH, where she focused on eating disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery through the Eating Disorders Institute program. Her dietetic coursework and internship were completed at Simmons College.

Hope practically set up her business prior to graduating from graduate school. She created a proposal for Nourishing NH as part of her internship and received positive feedback from SCORE, a non-profit organization consisting of volunteer entrepreneurs who help others launch their small businesses. Hope didn’t hesitate – she secured her licensure and launched her business in Silver Lake. 

Decision Time: Out-of-Pocket Payment or Accept Insurance?

Hope knew accepting insurance would be essential to her profitability for two reasons. First, Hope said, “It just was not realistic for me to expect to grow my business by accepting $100 out of pocket”. 

Secondly, the stigma associated with eating disorders sped up Hope’s willingness to accept insurance from her clients. 

“Eating disorders are not treated as a medical emergency; people don’t treat the acuity of eating disorders like they would cancer or renal disease,” she explains. “Many individuals living with eating disorders do not feel the urgency that necessitates their care. It’s oftentimes not a priority to pay out of pocket for their healthcare; instead, they might prioritize making their monthly car payment.”  

Introduction to Healthy Bytes for Insurance Credentialing and Reimbursement

“I was sold on Healthy Bytes because the platform is so easy to use,” Hope notes. “The team is consistently available to answer my questions. Here I was, trying to navigate this whole new world of insurance. And I didn’t want to wait ten days for an answer. With Healthy Bytes, I didn’t have to.” 

Hope had already started to undergo the credentialing process with various insurance carriers and decided to see the process through with our help. To date, Nourishing NH accepts Anthem/BlueCrossBlueShield, Minuteman, Harvard Pilgrim and Cigna Health insurance. 

Reimbursement claims for each patient visit are done in just a few clicks. The time savings is the biggest reward of partnering with Healthy Bytes, according to Hope.

“It takes me 45 seconds to submit a claim,” Hope beams. 

Healthy Bytes has been filing claims on behalf of Nourishing NH since August 2015. In addition to time savings, Hope’s business experienced a 561 percent growth in claims revenue in May 2016 when compared to her average monthly claims in 2015 – demonstrating that Hope’s outsourcing of insurance processing is paying off financially.

There are times when insurance carriers deny a claim; Healthy Bytes steps in to mediate and rectify.

“If claims are denied, I do not have the luxury of spending time on the phone with the carriers. It’s a convenience factor for me – I’m able to run my private practice more efficiently because of Healthy Bytes’ software,” Hope says.

Hope is able to submit a claim and check on the status in real-time at any time. This is key for busy dietitians who wish to know when payment will be processed. 

Nourishing NH - Steady Growth via Partnership with Healthy Bytes

Hope spends approximately 15-20 hours weekly at Nourishing NH. She aims to accept Medicaid in the near future in order to further assist the underserved seeking her care.  

Hope notes that she “…has a lot on the line and a lot to lose,” with a growing practice and a growing family of her own. “It’s a no-brainer that I will continue to work with Healthy Bytes. There’s no way I’d be as successful as I am today without their partnership, patience and support!” 

Thanks for the kudos, Hope – we’re excited to watch your practice grow!