Dietitians improve access to preventive health care

Nutrition Services are now widely covered by Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has made preventive services a priority. This is a great opportunity for dietitians. No longer do we have to wait for people to get sick with diabetes or kidney failure before we can provide care.


According to "All Marketplace health plans and many other plans must cover the following list of preventive services without charging you a copayment or coinsurance. This is true even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible."

Dietitians are eligible to deliver at least two of those services: 

  1. Diet counseling for adults at higher risk for chronic disease
  2. Obesity screening and counseling 

In other words, many Americans have fully-covered nutritional counseling benefits. But there is a problem: not enough dietitians currently accept insurance. This leaves areas of the country where access to preventive services is still limited, even though services would be free to patients. 

Problem: Taking insurance used to be a huge hassle, so few dietitians signed up as in-network providers

Dietitians are too busy to deal with the confusing insurance system so access to these critical preventive services remains low. 

Solution: Simplifying the process for dietitians, thereby improving access to preventive health care for patients

We need to sign up more dietitians as in-network providers with insurance companies, especially on private plans through the Health Care Exchange. Beyond helping to improve the Healthcare system, dietitians will also see growth as patients who would otherwise be unable to afford services will see them.

Bonus: Dietitians grow their practices while helping others!

Accepting insurance exponentially increases the number of people I am able to work with. It makes nutrition health care affordable for people while still allowing the provider to be reimbursed well.
— Haley Goodrich, RD

How you can help

We are working to improve the US healthcare system by increasing access to an important, and currently under-valued providers: dietitians

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