Meet the Team: Elizabeth Bradley

This week, we're interviewing Healthy Bytes' very own Elizabeth Bradley! Elizabeth is from England and recently graduated from New York University with a double degree in Literature and Creative Writing. She began a path into dietetics with some basic courses in Nutrition, Physiology, and others before joining Healthy Bytes. 

Here's Elizabeth...

When I graduated from school, I didn't have a focus like most of my friends. In England, the education system is different in that you specialize at a very young age and only focus on three-to-four subjects from the age of 16. I found this difficult as I wasn't ready to only follow one path, such as Chemistry or Mathematics. I, therefore, decided to go traveling through India for one and a half months, and the West coast of America for two more months. I met so many incredible people and went to beautiful places, and I decided going into the non-profit sector would be the area I wanted to work in. 

I've always known I want to work in an industry that was beneficial to others in some capacity. When I believed this to be the non-profit world, I joined Americorps National Civilian Community Corps. This was a 10-month program where I got to work with all different non-profit organizations such as Oregon Coast Community Action in Coos Bay, OR. What I noticed was that although volunteer action is crucial, having a specialty is even more vital. People are always willing to provide volunteer time, but being able to offer a specialty service such as a doctor's, lawyer's or dietitian's is even more crucial. 

The reason I looked into nutrition in the first place was due to my step-mother being an avid flamenco dancer and my father being an excellent cyclist. Their passion for health and fitness encouraged me to focus on what was important to me. Although literature will always be one of my greatest loves, health is where I want to focus my life.

As I've worked with Healthy Bytes, I've come to see how difficult the health system can be to navigate for medical professionals. Those trying to offer services to the neediest, such as people with Medicare, can come up against a lot of barriers. I am, therefore, proud to work with a team of women dedicated to making insurance more accessible.

As a long-term goal, I want to become a dietitian. But, for now, I am excited to be part of a company that I will get to use as a provider in the future!