Meet The Expert: Rebecca Bitzer

After working with so many inspiring and unique dietitians, I have learned that RDs are unstoppable.
— Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD/LD, CEDRD

This week's expert is Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD/LD, CEDRD. Rebecca is both a seasoned nutrition counselor and successful business owner who has been a large part of creating the REBEL workbooks. She currently runs the Rebel Dietitians practice in Maryland and works with eight amazing RDs on a daily basis. We're excited to share this interview with you!

Healthy Bytes: Why did you get started in nutrition/ become an RDN?

Rebecca Bitzer: I was always interested in health and medicine so when I realized that food and nutrition were a cornerstone of good health, it seemed like a great fit for me.  I soon realized that nutrition was far more than simply having the knowledge of what to eat, but that food and eating have deep psychological, cultural and behavioral roots. This has taught me so much about how to best help my clients embrace good nutrition and self-care to empower them to make lasting changes.

What makes your practice special?

My practice is unique because we are a team of eight amazingly wise, passionate Registered Dietitians who each have our own specific niche in the nutrition field. My team inspires each other and we are constantly striving to be the best we can be and help our clients with their nutrition needs. With eight of us, we have the luxury of seeing only the clients with needs that we have intensive specialized training in. That way, when a client comes to our office, the client can feel confident in knowing they are receiving specialized nutrition counseling with the expert for their diagnosis or nutrition-related problem. It is a win-win for the client and the Registered Dietitian.

What advice would you give a new RDN who wants to establish his/her own practice?

I would advise to only take on clients who you are passionate about, whether that is based on the age of the client, or the medical or health challenge. It is impossible to be all things to all people, so the sooner you realize which clients you click with and learn as much as you can about helping that patient population, the more successful you will be, and most importantly the more fulfilled you will feel.  I am a big believer in knowing your strengths and values and doing what you love.

Why did you write and create your e-books? What feedback have you received from readers?

We created 2 REBEL workbooks, one for Registered Dietitians and one for our clients.  We wrote Welcome to the Rebelution: seven steps to creating the nutrition counseling practice of your dreams to empower Registered Dietitians who want to succeed in Private Practice. We wanted to pay the profession forward to help fast track Registered Dietitians to success in private practice, and to help increase the quality and quantity of Registered Dietitians in private practice, to fill the enormous need of providing excellent nutrition counseling in an outpatient setting. Since we have a unique set-up and can attract and train future Registered Dietitians to our large practice, we wanted to share our process with anyone interested in starting, joining, or expanding a private practice.

We had so much fun writing the first workbook, that we decided that we would like to spread our message to our clients and to the disordered eating population to inspire people stop dieting and break free from diet prison. Our second workbook is called, Taste the Sweet Rebellion: Rebel Against Dieting. We've gotten great reviews for both.

I see you also offer content/products for the RDN audience – tell us more:

Yes, my practice also offers a host of other products including business coaching, a Facebook community and even on-site visits for other Registered Dietitians who want to become successful in private practice.  Find out more at 

What is the most fascinating thing you’ve learned as an RDN?

After working with so many inspiring and unique dietitians, I have learned that RDs are unstoppable.

What’s your favorite client success story?

Honestly, I hear about a new success story in our practice daily. My favorite client success stories are the ones from my newest RDs that have joined the practice. It has been wonderful to see my team grow together and provide the best possible care to our patients. 

Thanks, Rebecca!

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This interview has been edited and shortened for clarity.