Meet the Expert: Siddartha Rao

There is so much value in the human interaction between a client and provider.
— Siddartha Rao, Esq.

Today we're featuring a different type of professional- an attorney. Siddartha Rao, Esq. runs an active law practice, Rao Law Group, in NYC. He has won many awards including the Super Lawyers Rising Star award in 2016. We found his insights on client/professional relationship particularly helpful. Enjoy!

What makes your practice special?

Lots of lawyers view law as a competition with a winner and loser. I believe that being a good lawyer is all about problem solving. I work for a win-win solution. I also focus on both what my clients want today, but also what will set them up for future success.

What advice would you give a new dietitian business owner?

It can be overwhelming focus on all the complicated business issues at once. Think through one issue at a time. 

Before you do anything, figure out why you're starting your business. Some things to think about:

  • What kind of life you want?
  • What value do you want to give to your clients?
  • Who would your ideal client be?

Find other people who are already doing something similar, and ask them for advice. If you like that they say, do what they're doing.

What's the most fascinating thing you’ve learned?

Both lawyers and dietitians have to deal with clients and client problems. Often times, the client comes in with an idea of what their problem is or what they want to solve, but it's not always the real problem. The tricky thing is to figure out what the root problem is, and how to communicate it to the clients.

What change do you hope to see or are you excited about in you field?

Like healthcare, law can be very slow to change. The guild structure dates back to the middle ages. There are also a lot regulatory restrictions that limit what and how you can change.

But it's really exciting to see the technology changes- a uniform bar exam (every state will have the same bar exam), and artificial intelligence improving legal speed and accuracy are what I'm excited about.

With technology becoming smarter, interesting questions come up: How do you integrate the technology with the human experience that make a lawyer a good problem solver?

I'm excited, but also worried that the human initiation may become less valued. There's so much value in the human interaction between a client and provider.

What’s your favorite success story?

The best success stories have always been the wins against overwhelming odds- the classic David and Goliath stories are the most fun!

Thanks Siddartha!

Parts of this interview have been altered and shortened.