Getting Started with Healthy Bytes

Welcome to Healthy Bytes! Here's all you need to know to get started. First, once you've signed up with us, you'll be assigned to one of our customer advocates, Elizabeth Bradley (me) or Katie Hunter. We're here to answer any of your questions. Today we're going through some of the more common questions we're asked as providers start their Healthy Bytes journeys. 

As a reminder, our site and tools are optimized for Google Chrome, so make sure to use it for a more seamless experience!

Virtru: Very Important

One of the most important actions you'll take when starting with Healthy Bytes is downloading the HIPAA-compliant, free, secure email system Virtru. Virtru encrypts your emails, and allows us to communicate sensitive information such as patients' medical records (PHI) whilst being protected.

Remember: At Healthy Bytes, Virtru is the primary tool we use to send you information containing patients' names, IDs and addresses!

Step 1: Add Clients

When you're ready to see a patient, the first step you have to take is to enter your patient's information into our system. This allows you to file claims for the patient or request an eligibility check. The more information you can provide, the faster we can find out what benefits your patient has. We do this when you request an eligibility check by ticking the box 'Request an Eligibility Check' on the Review page when entering a New Patient into the system.

If you already have the patient's benefit information then you don't have to tick the box. Once you've entered a client, his information will be saved and reentry is not necessary. This allows you to file repeat claims for the patient by selecting him from the list when you've had another appointment.

Step 2: File Claims

Filing claims is the whole reason we're here! With Healthy Bytes, it's a quick and painless process that takes about 45 seconds. The main pieces of information you need are the appointment details such as the date, length and whether a co-pay was collected. Rechecking the information you input is vital to getting a claim filed quickly. One of the common mistakes we see is users accidentally switching numbers around - incorrect information results in delays. 

This is especially key when it comes to entering the client information in the first place. Mistakes such as reversing the day and month in the birth date; entering too many numbers in the patient ID or putting the incorrect insurance company in can delay the approval of a claim by 60 days. Making sure all the information you input is correct will help us to get you paid as soon as possible.

We hope this answered some of your more burning questions!