Hiring the Best: Sourcing Good Talent

Building a great team is hard. Many factors come into play- experience, cultural fit, salary needs, etc. How do you find and hire the right people to grow your practice? This post will highlight some key things to keep in mind as you build your hiring lead list.

Evaluate yourself first: complete a needs assessment 

We often think of hiring in terms of "hard" skills - we need to bring in a Diabetes Expert or Disordered Eating Specialist. But think a bit more about "soft" skills as well. We all have different strengths and skill gaps. Do you have a team full of operational experts, but no one that's great at seeing the big picture and developing a growth strategy?

Consider using a tool like Strengths Finder to help you identify the strengths and gaps of your current team. Look for potential hires who will fill those gaps. 

Build your brand

This is an often forgotten aspect of branding. Just as you would to attract new clients, you need to build a brand for your team as well. Think about your company culture. Are you building a practice that follows one philosophy around providing nutritional counseling?  Or a practice that wants to be a one stop nutrition shop for an entire, diverse community spanning the entire life cycle? 

Setting that vision and building up your company culture around it will help you attract and keep the right team members. It'll also help you evaluate if someone is a good fit for your practice. 

Start recruiting early

As you attend conferences and networking events, start to pull together a list of people that you think may be a good fit for you.  Your best hires will tend to come from within your network, but for this to work well, you need to cast a wide, diverse net. It can take a long time to find a good team member, so get out there and meet people before you need to hire. Consider using a CRM tool to help you track these leads.

Great! now that you have a better sense of what your team needs are and you've started building a quality lead list of potential hires, it's time to pick some team members.