Haley Goodrich on How to Build an Instagram Following

Building a social media presence is becoming an important part of marketing private practices, and dietitian Haley Goodrich continues to inspire us, her clients, and others RDs through her Instagram account, hgoodrichrd. Today we're sharing some tips from Haley on how to grow an Instagram following for your private practice.

We'll let Haley take it from here...

I like to compare building an Instagram following to building a business. The main goal is to identify your ideal client, or “follower” in this case, and cater to them. Take a minute and reflect on your favorite accounts and make a list of the reasons why you love following them. This simple exercise can help provide you with some inspiration to engage followers. Here a few of my own recommendations for have a thriving Instagram as a dietitian!

Content is the most important

If there is no passion behind the content you are posting it will not be interesting or inspiring to others. Be confident in who you are through the pictures you post. People feel this energy, and it is engaging. 

Stop focusing on how many followers you have

The goal of my Instagram is to reach the people it needs to reach. I am not interested in reaching a specific number of followers, I am just trying to spread a message. If you are posting impactful content, the followers will come.

Your Bio

The first thing you look at when visiting a new profile is usually their bio. You want to know who they are and what they are about before scrolling through the rest of their account. Your bio only needs to be a few sentences or phrases. Make sure you include something that is unique or intriguing about you.  

Be you, be authentic

Try to be as real as possible on your account. Instagram is the most relaxed social media platform I use and I want my followers to feel just that. This means if I am having ice cream, pizza or a glass of wine, you bet I am going to post it. The reader should feel like you are a friend. The last impression you want to give is that you have an assistant posting for you. 


Hashtags make it easier for other people with similar interests to find you. While random hashtags can be funny and entertaining, correctly using them can help to build your audience. The more specific tag you use, the more helpful they will be. For example, instead of just using #vegetarian, also including tags such as #MeatlessMonday. These have thousands of posts and will target your specific audience. Another effortless way for followers to find you is by using geotags. Tag the restaurant you are eating at or simply tag the city you live in so locals can stumble across your account.

Take interesting pictures

You don’t have to have professional photography skills or even own an expensive camera. Most smartphones have the capability to take beautiful photos. Lighting, background and the subject being photographed are what really matters. Look for opportunities to incorporate different colors and textures. Learn from the accounts that inspire you by taking notes about their camera angle, background, and lighting. 

As inspired as we are? Check out Haley's Instagram for even more!