Healthy Bytes Platform Updates

You may have noticed that the Healthy Bytes platform got a refresher last week. After hearing your suggestions, we've been working hard on these updates, and want to share the highlights:

  • You can sort and filter claim statuses to see what you need more efficiently - you can still easily mark when you get paid
  • When you request an eligibility check, you can specify whether you want us to check telehealth or out-of-network benefits
  • Now, diagnoses can be edited when you file claims - let us know if the progress you're making results in diagnosis changes
  • To speed up client input, you can now add nutritional counseling with the click of a button
  • To reduce errors, we've added more validation to the client and claim forms - this will help us file claims efficiently

To make sure you get paid as quickly as possible, we've made it easier than ever for us to file claims and stay up-to-date on claim statuses.

Remember, we're making Healthy Bytes for you, our customers. If you'd like to have a larger say on what Healthy Bytes looks like and what features we work on, join our product group.