Tips: Essential Forms For Private Practices

Sometimes it seems like half of your job is filing out forms, looking at forms, or giving patients forms, right? It can be a lot to handle, especially when you've just started your own practice!

We briefly mentioned some of the forms that are essential for smooth customer interactions in our post about starting a private practice, but we think that forms deserve a whole WEEK of posts!

Today, we'll touch on some forms that the Academy recommends using in your practice. If you're a member of the Academy, you can find more information and samples of forms on the website. 

Okay, let's begin!

In some cases, to begin seeing a patient, you'll need to ask for a PCP Referral Form. This is just a form filled out by a primary care physician recommending the patient to your services. 

Once you have patients, it's critical that you keep their health information confidential. That's why it's good to fill out a form of HIPAA Privacy Practices. This form is used to inform your patients as to how their private health information will be disclosed and used. It gives patients peace of mind to know that you can't share their information with just anyone.

So your patient is covered by insurance (yay!) but he still may have to pay a deductible, a co-pay, co-insurance, or some parts not covered by their insurance plan. What do you do to ensure that you get paid? You should use a Statement of Patient Financial Responsibility. This informs the patient that he is ultimately responsible for the fee in full, should there be any problems with insurance! 

What if my patient's insurance won't cover her nutritional therapy? There is a form for that! Similar to the previous form, a form of Advanced Notice and Patient Financial Responsibility can be given to the patient to inform her that she is responsible for the entire cost of the service. This, too, makes sure that you get paid. 

Okay, you have patients and you're getting paid. Now it's time to write up your ADIME or SOAP notes to come up with a plan for your patient. If you're not familiar with these forms, they're part of the nutrition care process and help you assess, diagnose, and create intervention plans for nutritional therapy. 

After completing all these forms, we're sure that the last thing you want to do is fill out MORE forms to get reimbursed for those patients who are covered by insurance. Don't worry, because Healthy Bytes does all of that for you!