Tools of the Trade: Guru

What's our fax number again? How about the hexadecimal code for our logo color? And that good phone number for Aetna? I'm constantly searching for bits of info that I need, but don't use often enough to have memorized. After driving my team crazy asking them to resend me emails with all this info- we found a solution Guru

We love Guru, because it lives right in the browser. It's like searchable post-its that offer so many great collaboration features. Guru allows us to keep our information in one place and have access to it more easily and quickly... so I can stop pestering my team. 



Guru is a web app that acts as a notepad for you and your team to share information with one another. 

Features of Guru:

  • Overlaid on the webpage you are viewing so that you do not have to open a new tab to search information
  • "Knowledge" Cards to create and save information that you can share with your team.
  • Built in analytics- you can see how often cards are used and which ones are used the most among your team. 
  • Trust statuses on cards that ensure the knowledge has been verified by the expert on your team.
  •  Boards feature-  makes searches easier by organizing and prioritizing different topics
  • Context feature- allows you to put the information you have in Guru right into the team's workflow.


Any time you are on a computer with the Guru extension.


You can use Guru on any computer while viewing any webpage! There is now no need to open different tabs or files with Guru's extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers. 


Because it makes a dietitians life easier while trying to answer the hundreds of emails and questions they get every day! 


  1. Sign up and create a new team 
  2. Decide how large you want your team to be
  3. Start creating knowledge cards and collaborating information.


  • It is free for up to 10 users 
  • A standard monthly plan is $19/ user 
  • A standard annual plan is $16/ user
  • For larger teams contact Guru for more help and information

This is not a sponsored post, we just love these resources and hope you find them useful.