Spruce up Your LinkedIn Profile in Three Easy Steps

Quick poll! When was the last time you touched up your LinkedIn profile? 
a) Today – I like to spend ten hours a day beautifying my profile. 
b) Within the past few months – it’s important to me that I’m keeping my profile current. 
c) Never – I created my profile four years ago and haven’t returned to LinkedIn since. 
Alright, both “a” and “c” might be a touch of a stretch! Hopefully you’re frequenting your LinkedIn profile on a fairly regular basis to ensure that everything is current and attracting the eyes of those who are important to you – whether they be potential or current clients, a dream employer, colleagues, etc.  

Want to keep your profile fresh? Here are three ideas:

1. Ensure your contact information isn’t stale. I’m stating the obvious, right? But if you’re still using a .edu email address and you graduated seven years ago, it’s time for some editing! I’m surprised when I click on “Contact Info” within a LinkedIn profile and find it outdated or devoid of content. At minimum, you may wish to include your email address, Twitter handle and your company website so that visitors aren’t left scratching their heads as to how best to contact you. Make it easy for them and avoid missed opportunities.  

2. List your current place of employment front and center. I’ll often seek a connection on LinkedIn for an individual who I am fairly certain works at “X” company, yet “Y” company is listed as their current employer. Do I have the correct contact in mind? Beats me! Listing your current place of employment again sounds obvious but provides visitors with your current whereabouts. The same is true of the subhead under your name – if you’re currently “CEO of Lara’s Dog Lounge, LLC,” and no longer “Lara, dog-walker,” let the LinkedIn world know. 

3. Skim your biography. Are you marketing yourself via your biographical content? Is your bio presented in a way that attracts your target audience? Would YOU hire YOU? Give your full profile a refresh now and then. Add your latest ventures and adventures – did you start volunteering with the local children’s library? Note it! Did you join a local toastmasters club? List it! 

What ways are you keeping your page bright and shiny? Please share below. 

Krista Ulatowski, MPH, RDN, of KUcumber Nutrition Communications is an advisor to Healthy Bytes.