Tools Of The Trade: Rapportive

You know those events when you meet so many great people, and you exchange contact info with all of them? Then later you get an email from one and can’t figure out exactly who the email is from and how you know the person?

It happens to us more often than we’d like to admit. What has helped immensely is having a handy widget in Gmail which pops up a picture of the sender and some relevant information.

When someone we don’t know emails us, we no longer have to hunt them down on LinkedIn, because Rapportive does all the work!




Rapportive is a Chrome extension by LinkedIn which lets you see

  • Who is emailing you (and their pretty face!)
  • What they do
  • Where they are
  • Who you know in common

It replaces the ads you see in the Gmail sidebar with useful information from LinkedIn!


Rapportive is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you can download directly from their site:


When you're using Gmail and open an email.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes connecting a face to a name clarifies why a name you don't recognize is emailing you.


You can download Rapportive directly from their site:

Happy Networking!


This is not a sponsored post, we just love these resources and hope you find them useful.