Tools of the Trade: Trello

When we were setting up our business, we found one of the hardest parts was keeping track of the hundreds of different tasks occurring simultaneously. It was a becoming nightmare to find relevant information quickly, and the post-it notes that covered the office walls couldn't be accessed elsewhere. 

And then we discovered Trello.

It quickly replaced the notepads, spreadsheets, and email notes - but the best part was, we could see our walls again! Trello is still one of our favorite organizational tools, and we highly recommend you give it a try!




Trello is an online platform that allows you to easily organize different projects and tasks. The card based system makes it easy to create tasks for different projects, such as legal or getting set up with insurance, and track the progress. 


Any time you need to organize a project with lots of moving parts. It's especially good for projects where you have to wait on others to move forward. Just set a reminder and check back in with the person or insurance company at the right time. (Note: Don't use this for HIPAA protected information or PHI).

One of our favorite parts, is that the boards can be accessed anywhere and from any device.


  • First make an account.
  • Create a board for your private practice (or anything you want, really!) and add any contributors.
  • Set up lists within the boards (for a private practice you could make lists for legal, insurance, office setup, etc.).
  • Add different cards with checklists. You can assign tasks to other people, set a due date, and track its progress. 



It's easy to use, and free! Trello also lets you see how tasks are progressing without having to keep tons of notes scattered across lots of different systems.



This is not a sponsored post, we just love these resources and hope you find them useful.