Tools of the Trade: VSee, Vidyo, SecureVideo

The world of virtual healthcare services is growing fast. As we talked about in our posts on Telehealth, the use of new electronic methods of communication can help both you and your patients stay better connected.

But making sure the platform you're using is HIPAA-compliant is vital. Popular video chat services such as Skype don't qualify, but today we're sharing some that do.

As you're getting ready for your first appointment, check out these tips to help both you and your patients get the most of Telenutrition.

The Tools

VSee is a video chat and Telehealth platform. They offer online video waiting room lines where patients can sign in and wait on hold for you, the provider, to speak with them. They also allow you to integrate their secure video chat into the your own website. The Basic Account is free, the pro account is $49 per month and the waiting room offer at $199-$299.

Vidyo claims to have "the world's best visual communications experience over any network and on any device". They provide connection between desktops, phones and video room systems to allow for collaboration and content-sharing across multiple platforms. They offer free multi-point conferencing for room systems and can handle larger groups of people.

SecureVideo offers multiple plans. The Individual Free and Plus plans allows for teleconferencing between a patient and provider. The Virtual Clinic plan is similar to VSee's waiting room where it allows patients to request sessions from you by forming a queue. The Individual Plus plan costs $50 per month for unlimited sessions. The Free plan allows for 2 sessions per month and increases to $12 per session thereafter.

We hope these video chat services help you with entering the exciting, and ever-expanding world of Telehealth! 

Note: This is not a sponsored post, we just hope you find them useful.