Tools of the Trade: Virtru


Data breaches cost the healthcare industry more than $7 billion annually –we, as health professionals, need to do everything we can to protect our customers' information.


At Healthy Bytes, we send hundreds of emails every day, and the majority of them contain protected health information which needs to meet HIPAA encryption standards. Since most private practices will have the same needs, this week’s recommended tool is Virtru!

We had a lot of criteria our encryption software needed to meet including integration with our existing email system, HIPAA-compliant data encryption, ease of use, willingness to sign a BAA, great customer service, trustworthy policies and a track record of keeping customers’ data safe.

Virtu met and exceeded our expectations in an intuitive, user-friendly package! 




HIPAA-compliant email that is easy to use with Gmail, Google for Business, or Outlook. Virtru includes the ability to:

  • Encrypt emails- PHI is safe. 
  • Disable email forwarding so only intended recipients can read the message. 
  • Set an expiration date for your encrypted email so information stays private
  • Revoke access to your emails from the recipient at any time (such as when an employee leaves).


Any time you need to send an email that contains protected health information or you want to control forwarding.  


  1. Sign up
  2. Request and sign a BAA
  3. Follow the easy install instructions (takes about 2 min) for your system
  4. Send emails!

Tip! Be sure to wait for the encryption to finish (about 2-5 seconds) before moving on from an email, or your email will end up in your drafts rather than being sent.


Simple, safe, HIPAA-compliant emails that integrate with your current technologies. 


Special Healthy Bytes Discount- $5/month/user

Normally, it would cost $25/month minimum. But the kind folks at Virtru have a special offer for Healthy Bytes readers and customers! Contact and we'll connect you with the right folks to get this offer.


This is not a sponsored post, we just love these resources and hope you find them useful.