Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

Welcome to the weekend! This week on the Healthy Bytes blog, we 'celebrated' Tax Week! We heard from our very own Jeanne Koeing on how to file your taxes! The task of bookkeeping sounds daunting, but check out our latest blog post on how to keep your records of financial transactions in order with the tools Quicken or Quickbooks

As always, here are some fun snippets to start your weekend with!

Spicing up Breast Milk

One minute healthy fridge cake. 

Healthy alternatives to plastic tupperware.

The Vegetarian Allele 

At what age do our diets go awry? When does the American diet creep in?

Sweetly lying to ourselves.

Loose Leaf Dissolvable Teadrops

Liver, clams and finding B12 in all the best places.

Go eat Goat.

Make your own cashew milk.

Waste Not OC and their model for food distribution success