Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

Here at Healthy Bytes, we took a break from our usual posts on insurance, credentialing and billing to focus on creating a website for your private practice! We laid down a few key rules to forming an engaging site in Part 1 of our Creating a Website post. Part 2 of our Creating a Website focused on designing your own website through Squarespace and what to think about when hiring an expert developer. We also interviewed our very own developer Smita Purekar about her experiences and not being scared of technology.

We hope you enjoy this week's round of links! 

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Aquaponic farming could solve drought. 

Top 10 greens

How to build a healthy lunch box.

What does 'all natural' pertain to? 

Can cooking with cast-iron add iron to your food? 

Chocolate avocado ice pops.

Is easy weight loss in your genes?