Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

Welcome to the weekend! This week on the Healthy Bytes blog, we continued our series on steps for starting a private practice and navigating the complex world of Telehealth. We highlighted the benefits of using Virtru’s encryption software, and caught up with research dietitian and entrepreneur, Dori Steinberg. We hope you enjoyed the articles as much as we did!

As always, here are some fun snippets to start your weekend with! 

Ugly vegetables deserve love. 

Increase the Umami in school burgers.

Cutting down on meat but not taste with mushroom burgers.

"Babies, when they're born, they need love, they need food," he said, gesturing to his students." (The inmates), they don't have love and they have bad food." - Chef Abate

Getting hot and healthy

Kraft's Mac & Cheese recipe change.

Snack on these cheesy broctots.

Start the weekend laughing. Tweets about the hardships of healthy eating. 

Nutrient synergy: Better off together.