Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

Happy Friday! 

Our Healthy Bytes blog has had some great articles this week. We spoke to dietitian Krista Ulatowski about helping other RDN's establish their own businesses. We looked at the benefits of joining The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who is the largest organizer of food and nutritionist professionals. It's State Conference Season and with so many to attend, we didn't want you to miss out on any of them!

We hope our newest selection of links will start your weekend with a smile... or at least a good meal!

It's not just you that likes wine and chocolate. Your gut does too. 

Lacuma "Gold of the Incas'.

Spicy salmon wasabi burgers.

Should we teach children about alcohol?

You may be eating rotten olive oil

Biggest losers fight a slower metabolism. 

Black Americans see a gain in life expectancy.

Refreshing lemonade recipes from pomegranate to peach.

Greek? Nonfat? Fruit-filled? 

The Future of Food: Predictions from Michael Pollan

American Girl insulin kit. 

Caprese salad over grilled eggplant