Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

You may have noticed that Healthy Bytes had some updates to our platform. We've been working hard to make changes that will make your claim filing experience easier. 

We enjoyed being a part of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group's webinar series the past 3 weeks.  If you need a refresher, we've formed a quick summary of what was discussed.

We often get asked by RDs just starting out with Healthy Bytes about what information to collect from patients when setting up appointments, so we made a quick cheat-sheet

Have a great weekend! 

1. Starchy could be contender as the 6th taste

2. Zucchini Pizza Crust with Lemon Pea Pesto

3. Ways you may be ruining the perks of coffee

4. Flashbulb Memory: Your memories of important events are probably wrong

5. Four International Resources for Global-minded RDNs

6. Rethinking dessert: A Chefs Challenge 

7. RDs Share Their Favorite Meal Prep Hacks

8. Tapioca Crêpe Is NY’s Next Great Breakfast Trend

9. A dietitian put extreme 'clean eating' claims to the test