Billing and Reimbursement: Part II

In our last post, we shared billing and reimbursement tips, discussed how to set your rates, how to file claims and whether outsourcing your billing activities makes financial sense for your business. There are countless posts on our blog that cover the how-tos of billing and reimbursement, and we hope you find them helpful. In fact, we wrote a book on nutrition reimbursement

You may have felt a little uneasy about filing your first claim when you became an in-network provider, but by now, you understand how the system works! Or—you handoff your billing to an outside firm to manage (such as Healthy Bytes, wink wink), which is just fine if you find it challenging or taking time away from seeing patients. After all, you became an RDN or CNS to counsel clients – not to spend time on hold with insurance companies appealing claims or conducting eligibility checks.

Tips for Getting Paid

Let’s be real – we all want to make more money. Yes? And when we think of “billing and reimbursement” pertaining to your nutrition counseling business, we ultimately think of how you are getting paid. Quickly. Correctly. Here are three tips for receiving that money in a blink of the eye – so that you can buy that standing desk, treat yourself to a new book, or save up for a Caribbean cruise: 

  • Manage denied claims: If a claim is denied, call the insurance company immediately and have the following information ready: your NPI number, tax ID number, patient's name, date of birth, member/client ID, and claim ID, and the service date of the denied claim. Inquire about the status of the claim and the reason for denial. Learn what you can, correct the mistake, and refile in a timely manner. 
  • Establish a relationship with your insurance carrier: When you choose to accept insurance, you set your billable rate, but the insurance company sets the reimbursement rate. Research what's considered a competitive rate for your geographic location, and when possible, negotiate for a higher reimbursement level from the carrier – establishing a good relationship with your contacts can ease the path to making that ask.
  • Outsource (hint hint) your billing: You don’t have to go it alone. Reduce the time that it takes to receive payment in your bank account – who wouldn’t like that? Healthy Bytes reduces errors and speeds processing, taking only 45 seconds to file a claim. Healthy Bytes’ in-network providers increase their revenues by more than 300% within the first year. That’s a lot of cruises. 

What are your tips for getting paid? We’re all ears!