Telehealth Updates For Your State

For those of you with questions about telehealth, we wanted to share a resource with you today and point you to the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) website. The CCHP is a public interest organization that develops and advances telehealth policy to promote improvements in health and healthcare systems. The organization researches telehealth policy issues and provides key telehealth policy resources nationwide. 

src: Center For Connected Health Policy (

src: Center For Connected Health Policy (

The CCHP just released its annual 50 State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies Report. Take a look to learn more about telehealth laws in your state. According to the CCHP, each state’s laws, regulations, and Medicaid program policies differ significantly, but trends exist when examining the various policies that have developed over the course of the last year. For example, one trend is the elimination of restrictions for a patient to receive services in a rural area and incorporating one’s home as an eligible originating site. Some states have passed wide-ranging laws requiring telehealth reimbursement in their Medicaid program in recent years, but the programs have yet to enact official regulation or documentation in their provider manuals indicating they are actually reimbursing services via telehealth.

While the CCHP’s Fall 2017 report may not contain many updates pertaining directly to nutrition counseling, staying informed on the changing policies pertaining to telehealth is important, whether you offer these services in your practice or are planning to. Use the CCHP’s interactive state policy map to conduct specific searches for more information relevant to where you live. You can sign up to receive updates from CCHP here. You’ll also want to revisit our posts on the topic of telehealth: Telehealth Basics, What’s New in Telehealth, and Telehealth Best Practices

What questions do you have about telehealth? Let us know how we can help!