Meet the Team: Carol Buonanno

This week, we'd like to introduce you to our contracting specialist, Carol Buonanno. Carol is from Middletown, NJ and holds her MBA from Rutgers, where she also studied business as an undergrad. She pursued business after weighing several career paths. She describes herself as math-oriented – something we value in Carol’s skill-set daily!


Carol has been working in contracting here at Healthy Bytes. She helps dietitians get contracted with insurance companies. When describing a typical day, she says, "I wouldn't say that any day is typical because each day presents new challenges...some days I am setting up dietitians with their CAQH profiles, initiating credentialing, or submitting demographic changes. Other days, I'm troubleshooting why a Medicare application was rejected or requesting copies of contracts." 

Her favorite part of the job is helping dietitians get contracted so they can see more patients, which in turn helps those patients access care without the financial barriers associated with having to pay out of pocket.

Outside of Healthy Bytes, Carol is an avid runner: "There are so many places to run in the city aside from Central Park and no matter what time of day or night I always see other people out and about." 

If you're in the NYC area, you can cheer her on as she runs her 8th NYC marathon this November! Her first marathon was nearly 10 years ago, and she even met her husband at a running group – their first date was a 15-mile run followed by breakfast! Now that is love!

Carol loves dogs, especially her rescue dog, Schnitzel, a chihuahua mix. If she had the space she says she'd rescue five more. When it comes to food, Carol says she is not a very adventurous eater, but really likes “diner food”. Quite humorous given her clientele, but we know many RDNs and CNSs appreciate a good burger now and then! In fact, she describes her home state of New Jersey as the diner capital of the U.S. Would you agree?