Meet the Expert: Megan Wolf


We’re delighted to feature Megan Wolf, MS, RD as part of our “Meet the Expert” series.  Megan is an NYC-based registered dietitian, author and the owner of Megan Wolf Nutrition LLC, a nutrition counseling and consulting private practice. Read more about her journey from fashionista to RDN! 

Why did you get started in nutrition / become an RDN?

I've always loved cooking, food, and healthy living, but after college these felt more like a hobby than a career. I worked in fashion and quickly realized it was not the career I wanted and I went back to school to get a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and became a dietitian. I figured if food and healthy living were my passions - why not make a career from it? I also loved - and still do - working with people. What better way to combine my interests than by becoming an RDN?

Tell us more about your private practice. What makes your niche special?

My office is conveniently located on the Upper East Side and we keep very workable hours - so many of our clients wanted to see me before they start their work day, so we make it a priority to open early. I'm very realistic in terms of weight loss and weight maintenance goals. I tell all my clients - of course, you could sit home and eat steamed chicken and broccoli for every meal and yes - you would lose weight. But you would also be miserable! You have to live your life. I work with each client to customize a plan that will work for them - traveling, socializing and dining out and still meeting health and wellness goals.

Who is your ideal client?

I always say I'm an equal opportunity dietitian - I'm happy to work with anyone who wants to meet their goals whatever those may be. The majority of my weight management clients are young working people: men and women, single and married, have children or not, but the one unifier is that they all are busy.  

Why did you decide to accept insurance? 

When I started my practice immediately after graduating from NYU, I didn't accept insurance. But with an ever-evolving healthcare climate and clients repeatedly asking for insurance reimbursement, it became an obvious choice. Additionally, I do not think nutrition counseling should only be available to those who can pay out of pocket. And luckily, now, it doesn't have to be! Most major insurance plans cover nutrition services. 

What advice would you give another RDN who is thinking about accepting insurance?

Do your research, speak to those who accept insurance and just start! The best way to learn - like many things - is on the job. I have learned a tremendous amount but I wouldn't have been able to do so without actually trying it myself. 

What change do you hope to see in the field of nutrition and dietetics?

I sincerely hope nutrition counseling remains a covered benefit through most insurance plans. Taking preventive measures to keep your health in tip top shape (such as meeting with a dietitian) is critically important and it's my hope that this can always be a reality for most Americans.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you have received? 

"Work harder than everyone else."

Anything else you’d like to add?

You can follow me on Instagram at @TheDomesticatedWolf and you can find my first cookbook, GREAT MEALS WITH GREENS AND GRAINS, for sale on and in major book retailers across the country. I look forward to connecting with you!