Insurance: The Waiting Game

For those of you who have successfully navigated the process of credentialing and contracting with insurance companies, congratulations! That is no small feat. And you’re likely aware of how the process can take up a good deal of your time. Based on where you live, insurance companies can either be quick (a month or so) or slow (sometimes as many as 180 days) to approve your application to make you an in-network provider; typically, it’s the latter! 

What could you do with 30 hours? 

We estimate the entire contracting process – filling out and filing paperwork, securing your EIN and NPI, navigating through the CAQH portal, etc. can take approximately 30 hours. 30 hours! What else could you do with that time? Plenty! You could put in two eight-hour work days, you could work on your nutrition e-book for three hours, you could visit your local farmers market for an hour, you could go to a yoga class for an hour and you could tuck in for hours of restful sleep. 

Don't feel like you have to tackle contracting and credentialing alone. Healthy Bytes was created to help! Our contracting service will help you get an NPI, complete the CAQH, contract with an unlimited number of insurance companies and fill out the paperwork on your behalf. We’re patient throughout this process, so you don’t have to be. 

Claims Filing: Patience, Please!

We know you want to get paid pronto! We want you to get paid pronto, too! Filing claims and getting paid via insurance companies, however, also takes time. Routine claims are approved and processed more quickly than tricky claims, such as if a patient has Medicare and secondary insurance. Rest assured, whether “easy,” “tricky” or “denied,” Healthy Bytes is on top of your paperwork. We’re always moving at break-neck speed to manage this aspect of your business so that you can get paid and make that money to pay for your next yoga series! 

Why Does It Take So Long? 

Sometimes the hardest part of working with insurance companies is summoning your extreme, zen master-level patience. Insurance companies sometimes change their policies and will come back to you (or to us) for more information. Multiple times. 

In addition, insurance agents are oftentimes working with older computer systems that aren’t as efficient as we’d like them to be. Just remember, it's a game of waiting, waiting, waiting... and jumping through hoops they may throw at you (and us).

If you ever have questions about the status of your claims or wish to chat with us about timing expectations for contracting or claims, we’re here! Contact us at or 1-844-4RD-BILL.

Author Krista Ulatowski, MPH, RDN, of KUcumber Nutrition Communications, is an advisor to Healthy Bytes.