Five Marketing Musts

Are you incorporating these five steps into your private practice marketing strategy?

We know – many of us as RDNs and CNSs went to school to study nutrition. 

Not marketing. 

Now that we’re out on our own and have to market our private practices, where should we focus? How do we get more of our ideal clients in the door to enrich our practice, stay cash flow positive and feel fulfilled at the end of the day? 

To start, refer back to our posts on Building Your Brand Part I and Building Your Brand Part II for guidance on thinking about who you are as a brand and who you’d like your ideal client to be. Now, taking it further, here are five things you can do to market your practice. Take small steps toward selling your services today – and set aside time to do so.  

  1. Have a strong online presence: Are your ideal clients able to find you online? Your website should be easy to locate, clearly display your core services, and give visitors a good understanding of your niche and/or your nutrition philosophy. They will also likely want to know what to expect during a nutrition counseling session with you. In addition, get out there on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! If your core clients are using these platforms, you should be as well.
  2. Have a clear call to action: As an RDN and marketer myself, I’m always surprised when I visit a website and it takes me more than a split second to find the “contact me” link. Whether it’s a standalone page, an email address or links to your social pages, be sure you're highlighting the ways that clients can find you in a snap! Don’t leave them frustrated and hopping over to your competitor because they could find an email address for him/her and not for you.
  3. Network across various industries: One of the wisest pieces of advice I heard one RDN give another was, “Don’t only attend your local dietetic association events – you’re not going to find your clients there!” Only too true. While it’s wonderful to network with your peers, get out there and attend your local Small Business Administration events, local Chamber events, etc. Attend events where you’ll meet lawyers, stay-at-home-moms or chefs, for example – they may become your new clients!
  4. Have a leave-behind: When you’re conversing with potential clients, be sure to leave them with a business card or other “leave-behind” such as a postcard before walking away. Do your best to “close” or leave them with a call to action if it’s a warm lead, saying, “Let’s talk further - I’d be happy to do a complimentary 15-minute consult with you so that you see whether my services would be a fit for you! How does Monday sound?” Ensure they walk away with a sense of how your services will benefit them, and not the other way around. 
  5. Be present in your community: If your target clients are local, be sure to have a presence in your community. Offer to speak at local health events, at school functions, at corporate wellness events, etc. The more people you get in front of, the better! Come out from behind your desk and show off your knowledge! 

What marketing tactics would you add to this list? Please comment below!