Our 2017 Summer Interns

Healthy Bytes is excited to introduce our Summer 2017 interns to you today. Please join us in welcoming them—they’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help you grow your practices! 

Christy Chackonal
Freehold, NJ

Christy studies Business and Political Economics at NYU. She’s an avid volleyball player and loves saying the alphabet backward. She likes working on projects with the other Healthy Bytes interns and is a huge fan of elephants.

Christina Liu
Brooklyn, NY

Christina is a Physics student at NYU. When she's not at Healthy Bytes, you can catch her bowling with her friends, excelling at Mario Kart, or admiring turtles. She's excited to help Healthy Bytes develop new educational materials!

Sarah MacDonald
Toronto, Canada

Sarah is studying Neuroscience at Columbia University. She's most excited to learn about how to manage a software company during her time here at Healthy Bytes. Sarah loves brunch, running with her friends and otters.

Xiuyue (Caitlin) Wang
Xi'an, China

Caitlin is a Biomedical Engineering student at Columbia University who is focusing on data visualization here at Healthy Bytes. She's a big fan of cats, travel, and music. Caitlin shares that she tends to laugh loudly while dreaming!

Jinru Xue
Shanghai, China

Jinru studies Statistics at Columbia University. When she's not trying different machine learning models out at Healthy Bytes, you can find her cooking, hanging out with cats, and practicing clothing and fabric trivia.

Nicholas Lawrence
New Bedford, MA

Nick is a graduate student at NYU. He loves exploring the city, seeing shows, and is of the (somewhat unpopular) opinion that hairless cats are adorable. He loves making healthcare news and trends more accessible by working on the newsletter and blog.