Meet the Team: Connor Walsh


This week, we're interviewing Healthy Bytes' very own Connor Walsh! Connor joined our team this fall as a member of the Billing Department. Through his eagerness and insurance knowledge, Connor has already made a huge impact on our company—we're ecstatic to have him on board!

Here's Connor...


Hello! I’m a born and raised New Yorker and have been working and studying in the healthcare and life sciences space for eight years. I completed a dual Bachelor's degree in biology and psychology as well as a Master’s degree in biopsychology from Hunter College. Prior to joining the Healthy Bytes team, I was working as a consultant for healthcare technology and digital health companies.

Upon completing my graduate school work, I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare industry in some capacity. However, given how vast the industry is, it took some time to narrow down specifically what I wanted to do. After completing an internship focused on epidemiology in a public and behavioral health research center, I transitioned to an operations and medical billing management role for private practice physician offices. While working in operations and billing, I refined my leadership skills, learned a wealth of information about navigating the healthcare system, and liaised with a variety of vendors including Healthcare Technology companies. As I began learning about the solutions these innovative companies were coming up with to address issues in the healthcare system, my interest grew rapidly.

As I gained more exposure to this industry my interest in being part of a solution and mission-driven Healthcare Technology company continued to grow. In August of 2015, I decided to leave the private practice space and take an opportunity to consult with Health Tech and digital health companies. While I anticipated this to be a transitionary role, I ended up continuing on that path for nearly two years. In the summer of 2017, I made the decision to hang up my consulting boots and explore moving to an in-house role with an innovative Health Tech company.

Having seen the way a number of startups operate, I was in a good position to gauge the quality of the companies I was applying to and interviewing with. When I found Healthy Bytes, I was immediately intrigued. While there is certainly no exact formula or recipe for building a successful startup, it was evident to me that the Healthy Bytes team had built a solid product and assembled a team of bright, ambitious, mission-driven individuals. When considering which company I should join, it was those aforementioned factors that made it clear that Healthy Bytes was the company for me.

My interest in nutrition is accompanied by a short backstory. I was raised a vegetarian and have never eaten meat, so even during my childhood, my parents had me seeing a dietitian to ensure I was staying well-nourished. It was not until starting my undergraduate work that I began to understand the significance nutrition has on one’s physical health, mental health and overall wellness. It was one course, Intro to Neuroanatomy, where I learned that having a poorly balanced diet in infancy and throughout the stages of development can actually result in the brain being underdeveloped. The consequence of this can be profound including the individual growing up to have behavioral difficulties, a learning disability, and a lower IQ among other potential consequences. Learning this information inspired me to contribute to providing better education to new parents and to make finding and receiving care from dietitians less burdensome.

While at Healthy Bytes I am excited to get exposure to departments across the company. I am also excited to use my existing knowledge and skill set in medical billing, claim adjudication, payer relations, and operations management to help build and refine processes. I am also especially eager to learn more about product design and development, analytics and to build my skills in operations management. 

Now that I’ve gotten all settled in with the Healthy Bytes family, I am eager and excited to start working with our clients and vendors. In many healthcare settings, customer service and experience is not a priority by any stretch - we’re here to change that. Our clients deserve a high-touch, best-in-class experience when interacting with us. I look forward to providing this experience as well as building and iterating on processes that will continue to improve the client experience at Healthy Bytes.