Thanksgiving Day: What’s for Breakfast?

How many of you eat breakfast on Thanksgiving Day? Or do you skip it and wait patiently for the big meal scheduled for the early afternoon? If you’re like me, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it won’t be skipped in my house! Having a lighter breakfast might be an option for you if you don’t want to “ruin” your appetite for turkey and cranberries. But having at least a little breakfast is recommended so that you’re not famished come the big feast – that can lead to over-eating! 

As registered dietitian nutritionists and certified nutrition specialists, you already know this. We decided to ask several of you for your tried-and-true Thanksgiving morning breakfasts, and we love your ideas! 

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Festive Oats and Grains

  • Julie Kay Andrews, “The Gourmet RD,” suggests trying her Morning Glory Chai Overnight Oats: “Something quick and simple that doesn’t require cooking!” she shared.  
  • Sharon Palmer, the Plant-Powered Dietitian, offers her Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats, which is both vegan and gluten-free. This particular recipe combines her favorite fall flavors of pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin spice into a nutrient-packed grab-and-go breakfast.
  • Amy Lee Hanneke, of Satisfy Nutrition, says, “I usually eat to satisfy hunger throughout the day instead of aiming for something light to ‘save my appetite!’ This helps me avoid rock-bottom hunger and helps me keep a more level head to choose what foods I truly want at dinner!” Here is her Nutty Pumpkin Granola that's great with yogurt or sprinkled over oatmeal. 
  • Lauren Harris-Pincus, of Nutrition Starring You, notes that she “…always makes sure to eat something protein and fiber-rich to start the day. Fall flavors help to set the mood. This Maple Pumpkin Banana Overnight Oats does the trick!” 

Fruit and Veggie Forward

  • Peggy Korody, dietitian at RD4Health Nutritional Counseling opts for a smoothie, packed with “…Greek yogurt, fruit, spinach and almond milk. Then I can sip as I'm prepping!”
  • Amanda Hernandez from The Nutritionist Reviews will be making her Cranberry Greek Yogurt Parfaits, full of flavor with fresh cranberry sauce, protein-packed Greek yogurt and crunchy granola for the perfect breakfast!
  • Rosa Lopez, dietitian with the New Mexico Department of Health, sticks with either a fruit salad or a veggie omelet before the big meal.

Power up with Protein

  • Kelli Shallal of Hungry Hobby, recommends something protein-packed like her delicious-looking Delicata Squash Egg Bake.
  • Kelly Jones of Eat Real Life Well aims for “…oats before and a veggie omelet after the local turkey trot run with my family!”

Dessert for Breakfast, Anyone? 

  • Judy Barbe at LiveBest likes this Orange Cranberry Tart – festive, and frankly, it sounds like dessert! Who could pass this up at breakfast-time? Judy’s new-found favorite is her Cranberry Orange Cornbread Trifle with layers of cranberries, pear, orange, yogurt, ginger, and cornbread.
  • Lauren Sharifi of Bite of Health Nutrition suggests getting into the spirit with her Pumpkin Apple Pie Overnight Oats. Just five minutes of prep time and you have yourself a delectable treat for breakfast.  
  • Elizabeth Ward, of Better is the New Perfect, recommends her Maple Walnut Pumpkin Doughnuts. That’s right, doughnuts! These doughnuts, however, are 100% whole grain and, paired with a cup of Greek yogurt, provide more than 20 grams of protein.  
  • Lastly, Betsy Ramirez, of Betsy’s Kitchen, suggests pairing a steaming cup of coffee with a slice of her Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake – Betsy’s dish is healthier than your traditional coffee cake, with more pecans, less sugar and white wheat flour in place of all-purpose flour.

What will be on your plate on Thanksgiving morning? Please share! And Happy Thanksgiving!