Grow Your Business: Alternative Income Streams

Accepting insurance on behalf of your clients is a great means of growing your revenue. It opens up your ability to counsel more nutrition clients who may not be able to afford to see you otherwise. Accepting insurance also lands your business in your insurance company's provider directory – opening up a multitude of referral possibilities! 

While insurance reimbursement is the primary way to grow your practice, there are additional means of supplementing your revenue. You might have ideas brewing for how you can share your knowledge, content and materials with others. Perhaps you have been brainstorming ideas for a book, e-book or manual. You might take your sports nutrition knowledge and develop a series of webinars for your target clients, or for other RDNs and CNSs to share with their clients. Or, you may have a template for meal planning and prepping that has been wildly successful among your own clients and you want to share it more broadly.  

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Think of the endless products and services that RDNs and CNSs have brought to market – everything from nut butters to cookbooks to podcasts and more. 

Take a step back and think about your brand. Does your entrepreneurial idea flow as a natural extension of who you are and what your business represents? If so, fantastic! It’s time to put your creativity to work – resulting in additional income for your business. 

There are many like-minded entrepreneurial RDNs like you to learn from. Visit these various RDN-led Facebook Groups pages for opportunities to connect, learn and grow. Shelve any self-doubt – the world needs your healthy ideas! We hope you feel inspired to consider additional revenue streams that can help you increase your income on the side as you are actively seeing patients and growing your business via insurance reimbursement! 

Let’s hear it – do you have a business idea brewing? We’d love to support you and your goals!