Diabetes Resources for You and Your Clients

Today we’re sharing more resources with you – this time with a focus on diabetes and prediabetes. Whether your client is newly-diagnosed or has been trying to manage his or her condition for 23 years, check below for the perfect RDN-recommended resource for his/her needs. For those of you who counsel clients with these conditions, read on! 


RDN Lauren Harris-Pincus of Nutrition Starring You shared her National Diabetes Month RDN Recipe Roundup from with us. Even though National Diabetes Month is recognized in November, these recipes are stellar year-round! The roundup contains 30 delicious recipes including ones for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert.


Shena Jaramillo of J.Nutrition shared that she is working with the founders of Nutrientcalc, an app that will allow people to enter meals and calculate insulin dosing based on meal and activity. The app will evolve to include full meal tracking functionality. 

Books and Blog Posts

Jill Weisenberger of Food & Nutrition Solutions by Jill shared a host of resources, including several books and posts that she has authored: 

RDN Toby Smithson of DiabetesEveryDay.com suggests her books Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition for Dummies, which takes the mystery and the frustration out of healthy eating and managing diabetes.

Lastly, the Academy’s Diabetes Care and Education Dietetic Practice Group promotes quality diabetes care and education for people with diabetes and their families and for those at risk for developing diabetes. Read more about the DPG’s mission and benefits via the link above. 

What additional resources would you add to this list?