Meet the Team: Arun Dahiya


This week, we're interviewing Healthy Bytes' very own Arun Dahiya! Arun is a member of our data team, coming in with experience from healthcare and investment management. He is originally from the Chicagoland area is a graduate of the University of Michigan. One of his favorite parts of Healthy Bytes is working with such a fantastic team!

Here’s Arun….

As a student (and now), I really enjoyed studying topics that forced me to constantly reassess what I knew. I found myself questioning what I knew, and why I thought I knew something over and over again until one of my professors mentioned that I’d really enjoy research as a potential career option. That led me to major in Molecular Biology with a minor in Philosophy. The combination also led me to join a cancer laboratory at Michigan where I researched the role of miRNAs in cancer progression, specifically prostate cancer. 

It was at my second lab, researching prostate cancer progression in a more patient-focused setting at Weill Cornell Medical College, that I began to really refine my analytical chops and appreciate how powerful data can be. As part of the team, I helped to collect results of experiments and derive insight from our work. With our data, our team was able to convince the independent peer reviewers that our work merited publication. 

Following the excitement of being published, I realized that I wanted to step away from medical research, but still continue to work in a more analytically demanding setting. This led me to an investment management firm, where I was a member of the data team. It was my responsibility to generate timely and insightful views of markets by analyzing large amounts of data and logic, which relied on a deep understanding of relevant variables and market forces. These views would then be used by the firm to trade in various markets. While there, I really refined my thought frameworks and began to understand that cause-and-effect relationships and supply and demand are concepts that apply to just about every industry. However, I began to miss the impact that came from being in a healthcare-based setting…

I then jumped over to a behavioral healthcare startup, where I was a Business Intelligence Analyst on their Market Success team. I was able to continue to refine my analytical skills in a more healthcare-focused setting to help them create a network of behavioral healthcare providers, which would help patients get to care quicker. This role was very data focused, and really blended my background in cancer research and investment management. 

At Healthy Bytes, I’ve been applying my background to help address challenging projects, which I know will help you, the healthcare providers we serve. As a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve really valued the impact that our diets have on our lives. My mission is to reduce the barriers that exist for dietitians to practice their craft in such a vital field.

Outside of Healthy Bytes, I spend my time exploring different neighborhoods in New York, finding that perfect cup of coffee, and reading.