Meet the Team: Michelle Silva-Bell

Today we’re interviewing Healthy Bytes’ own Michelle Silva-Bell! Michelle joined Healthy Bytes as a Billing Team member where she is assisting you with pre-authorizations at this time.  

Here’s Michelle…


Hello! Once upon a time my dream was to acquire a degree in communications. I completed a two-year vocational program in radio and television broadcasting. I worked part time at a local radio station, making extra money on the side doing commercial voiceovers for a local NBC affiliate. Eventually, I was hired on at the NBC station, and worked in the production department for four years until I ultimately realized that TV wasn’t my cup of tea. 

I decided to attend Rutledge Business junior college and once I completed my studies I worked in the banking industry for a number of years, followed by a role with Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina as a customer service representative and eventually a role within their quality department. I enjoyed the customer interaction and resolving issues on the front lines. My earlier experience in communications translated nicely into my current role with BCBS. I also facilitated new hire training and quality classes. I felt like I had finally found my career “comfort zone!” I enjoyed helping others learn new skills and fine tune their communication abilities.

On a more personal note, my life has had its ups and downs. I’m a survivor of domestic violence and have also been homeless. One of my greatest accomplishments thus far has been establishing my non-profit organization in 2015. “Lead One Feed One” is an outreach ministry that feeds and clothes the homeless of Winston-Salem. With the help of friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers we have been able to help those who need it most. Touching the lives of others and making a difference one person at a time is most important to me. My husband Billy and our daughters Leah and Londyn have worked very hard to help make our efforts a success.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work at Healthy Bytes and look forward to growing with the company! I currently work on the Billing Team and love how well our team works together. I manage the pre-authorization process on your behalf, and will be assisting you with claims in the near future. 

Please welcome Michelle!