Meet the Team: Noni Shabazz

Meet Healthy Bytes team member – Noni Shabazz! Noni is based in our New York office, where she is extremely passionate about helping RDNs and CNSs deliver care to clients. Her service-oriented experience and mindset shines through; we’re fortunate to have her as a team member! 

Meet Noni!


As a child you’re invariably asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And as a child of eight or nine years old, I wasn’t fully aware that I wanted work in a field that supported and augmented the work of health and medical professionals. But how lucky am I to be doing exactly that! I believe that a person’s health is directly affected by what he/she eats, and I was thrilled to find a company so passionate about offering support to dietitians. 

It is so rewarding to do work that positively impacts the lives of others here at Healthy Bytes. I come from a family of physicians, teachers, librarians, philanthropists and social workers. Service has been ingrained in me from the start and I feel that my work here at Healthy Bytes represents an intersection of two things I hold dear, service and good health.  

Although my degree is in Economics, I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years in New York and Atlanta, so I guess one could say it’s my calling! I’ve been fortunate to work in various environments in the industry including mental health, primary care and healthcare administration. I’m excited to be working with dietitians. 

During my time here at Healthy Bytes, I've been able to witness how passionate dietitians are about giving patients the care they need, with many focusing on diabetes. Their work has a huge impact on the millions suffering with the disease, specifically in underserved communities.

Through the years, I've learned that the healthcare industry is dynamic and there are often guidelines or shifts that others might find a little confusing or time consuming. It’s always rewarding to help clients and providers navigate the ever-changing insurance world. It is my belief that clients are more inclined to see a dietitian if covered by insurance, thus my work is helping providers manage disease and possibly contribute to a better quality of life for many!

Please say hello to Noni!