Meet the Team: Raquelle Pasquel

Meet Raquelle, one of our customer service leads here at Healthy Bytes! Raquelle’s strong interest in working for a tech start-up in a service-oriented role led her to join us here at Healthy Bytes. Raquelle excels at both people and project management and looks forward to helping you manage your billing.

Here’s Raquelle!


Hello! I am a first-generation Filipino-American and a California native. I have always had a natural curiosity about the world and an eagerness to immerse myself in different cultures. My fascination to learn about other cultures and travel motivated me study geography. Now, with a BA in geography from CUNY Hunter College, I pursued many opportunities that focused on cultural and global studies which brought forth my interest for social justice and public service work. I started my career in the non-profit sector during my college years as both an intern and volunteer in Rwanda and the Philippines. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of traveling abroad – I’ve visited 20 countries and counting! 

After graduation, I landed a position in fundraising and grant writing for a non-profit focused on computer science education. Working previously in international human rights-based organizations, this was somewhat uncharted territory for me! Nonetheless, I found myself intrigued by technology and the start-up environment!   

Here at Healthy Bytes, I am drawn to the candor of my colleagues and the positive office culture. I thrive in start-up environments and look forward to contributing even more! I find insurance challenging in that carriers can be protective of their dollars. This is interesting to me because when working for non-profits in the past, donors wanted to give you the funds to succeed. But I am going to bat for you! 

Also, as a new mother, I am interested in learning more about nutrition and wellness to improve my family’s diet. Filipinos such as myself are natural “foodies;” food is deeply-rooted in my culture. Growing up, I was exposed to exotic and delicious food that was quite unhealthy! I want to educate my family more about nutrition and help them build better habits. I love to cook and create authentic Filipino dishes in a healthier way. I love that working here at Healthy Bytes combines my interests in customer service and health!