Meet the Team: Rhimeka Fulmore

This week, we're interviewing Healthy Bytes' Rhimeka Fulmore! Rhimeka joined our team as a Contracting Specialist, with the goal of ensuring that your nutrition counseling clients are able to receive quality care through insurance, and for you, as a provider, to receive fair compensation for providing such care. 

Here's Rhimeka! 

Hello! Nice to meet you—I am a Contracting Specialist in the Winston-Salem office at Healthy Bytes. I have a great deal of experience in contracting—from working for private practices, larger practices and furthering my education in the insurance industry. 


I became interested in contracting after working in clinical healthcare; I was always curious to find out what goes on behind the scenes. After further investigation, I found out that without being contracted, providers could not accept insurance and receive payment! I took a leap of faith to be the "go-to" person for providers who needed assistance with contracting and it was the best career change that I could have ever made! I take pride in knowing that because of my hard work, clients with insurance can see a professional healthcare provider with their benefits, and providers can receive payment from the insurance that they contract with as well. 

Working with Healthy Bytes allows me to see my career in a different light. While I always knew how important nutrition was, I never thought to find out more about what insurance offers dietitians. I found out that is so beneficial for providers to be contracted - a lot of people need nutrition counseling, and as a Healthy Bytes Contracting Specialist, I am able to assist with ensuring the steps are taken for dietitians to provide their valuable services to such clients. 

My goal is, and will always be, for clients to receive quality, efficient care through the insurance that they pay for and for providers to receive the compensation that they deserve for providing quality care. 

Also, I have gained a new love for nutrition in my own day-to-day life! 

Being a part of the Healthy Bytes team has been the absolute best work experience. I love our culture, our team building and our work ethic. Everyone gives 100% on the job. The support that we provide each other at Healthy Bytes makes working less stressful and makes our jobs more enjoyable. Joining Healthy Bytes was by far my best career decision yet!

Please say hello to Rhimeka!