Halloween Treats: Recipes from RDNs

This Halloween, we’re featuring your creative, clever, tasty Halloween-themed recipes. And let’s not forget, they’re spooky, too! Enjoy the following recipes from RDNs and let us know if you end up making a treat or two. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone! 


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – Amy Gorin, Amy Gorin Nutrition

Tasty for adults and kiddos alike, Amy’s festive, Fall smoothie “tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass.” We can’t resist this vegetarian, low-sugar, high fiber treat! 

Snacks and nibbles

Spooky Energy Eyeballs – Andrea Mathis, Beautiful Eats and Things

Andrea’s recipe is a “spooky treat for my littles but I really didn’t want to load them up with tons of sugar, because we all know that tons of sugar usually means no sleep for mommy! I often make energy balls for my kids as a quick snack or for a quick breakfast. They LOVE mommy’s energy balls, so I thought that it would be neat if I could turn this into a scary little treat!”

Easy Dark Chocolate Halloween Candy Bark with Quinoa – Rebecca Clyde, Nourish Nutrition

Rebecca’s Halloween Bark is well-received at any Halloween party! Plus, Rebecca adds that this bark is “…perfect because it’s easy, it’s got brightly colored candies, crunch and fruity dark chocolate. Seriously, is there anything better in life?” We think not! 

Popped Sorghum Pumpkin Krispy Treats – Lauren Sharifi, Bite of Health Nutrition

Lauren’s recipe is a spin on the classic Rice Krispies® Treats that uses popped sorghum in place of the Rice Krispies. Lauren added natural food dye to the marshmallow mixture to give it the fun orange color and shaped it into balls, topped with a mini peanut butter cup for the stem. 

Spooky Cherry Halloween Pops – Lauren Manaker, Nutrition Now 

Lauren’s easy-to-make recipe contains only three ingredients: flax milk, cherries and honey! Who can beat a pop full of antioxidants and vitamin C? With Halloween coming up, Lauren said she is always thinking of ways to sneak in some nutrition and make some of the traditional Halloween indulgences more beneficial.

Appetizers and entrees

Candy Corn Quesadillas – Diane Norwood, The Wandering RD

Fill your quesadilla with chicken and cheese, or just cheese, and then top with mozzarella cheese in the center of the tortilla, and cheddar to form a ring around the mozzarella. Cut into triangles and enjoy! 

Halloween Pizzas – Jodi Danen, Create Kids Club

Jodi shares that she has a tradition at her house that she thinks your family will enjoy as well –  making pizza Halloween mummies and ghosts as a family! She has been making these for years and shares the simple steps to make them in your house this year.

Do you have a Halloween recipe to share? Drop the link below!