Healthcare in the Headlines

A quick Google search for “healthcare” will return no shortage of hits these days, as you might imagine. Here are some of the latest headlines we hope you find helpful and relevant for your practice: 

7 Surveys That Say a Lot About U.S. Healthcare (via Forbes): According to one study in this piece about the state of American healthcare, approximately 75 percent of all Americans report feeling satisfied with the care they receive. However, nearly the same percentage of patients, 73 percent, believe the system is in need of reform.

What do clients want? According to this survey, their needs are: 1) Affordable medical care and insurance 2) Convenient care, with the help of video chats, online scheduling, etc. (more on telehealth best practices) 3) Coordination of care across the healthcare team (more on the importance of securing your clients' medical records for seamless care with various providers and insurance companies). Click through to the article to read more about various study findings. 

Why Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser are Touting Group Appointments for Patients (via Becker’s Hospital Review): Are you offering group counseling to your clients? It may be something to start thinking more about, and whether it makes sense for your practice. Some of the nation's leading health systems are proponents of group medical appointments as a way to improve patient access to providers and for providers to see additional patients.

Interesting outcomes and possibilities include your ability as an RDN or CNS to spend more time with patients in a group setting, rather than rushing through a one-on-one appointment. Your patients may ultimately find a friend and support network as a result of participating in group counseling sessions as well. 

Think big! The article noted that Cleveland Clinic, as an example, offers more 200 types of shared appointments, such as groups for diabetes or heart disease, female wellness, osteoporosis, male wellness, cancer survivorship and more.

What might you change or implement in your own practice as a result of some of these healthcare headlines? Stay tuned for a future post on how to bill for group appointments!