Healthy Bytes Billing Pricing Structure

No more insurance paperwork ever.


Doesn’t that sound incredible? Here at Healthy Bytes, we manage insurance billing and reimbursement on your behalf, so that you can get back to doing what you love.

For those of you who are ready to take the next step and team up with one of our dedicated billing allies, we wanted to share a bit more with you about our pricing structure. 

We charge 6% of the final approved amount of each claim, with an $87 monthly minimum. For example, if you’re reimbursed $120 for a claim filed through Healthy Bytes, our 6% fee will be $7.20. You’d meet the $87 minimum if you filed 12 claims that month, and if they were all reimbursed at $120. 12 claims in a month comes out to filing just three claims a week, so the $87 minimum is pretty quick to attain!  

Think of it this way – you likely have a Starbucks (or other favorite coffee retailer) card, yes? At the start of each month you load the card with $87, just like each month at Healthy Bytes you load your account with $87. Each coffee you purchase during the month deducts from the $87, just like 6% of each approved claim you file with Healthy Bytes deducts from the $87. Once you’re out of the $87 on your Starbucks card, you’ll be charged for additional coffee purchases on your credit card. If you file more claims than your “Starbucks card” has value for, then we charge you the difference; this amount (6% of the claim) is charged directly to your credit card. 

Dietitians who use Healthy Bytes have grown their revenues by 200% to 600%. One of our RDN clients, Diana, notes the return on her monthly investment: “I originally tried to manage insurance on my own, and I wasted so much time. Think of Healthy Bytes as a necessity, like a website or NPI number, instead of an option. I think I would be much further in my career, and much richer!”

Healthy Bytes is the only full-service billing platform that specializes in nutritional counseling reimbursement. Many dietitians find they earn more money and are able to grow their practices faster when they become insurance providers. Powered by advanced machine learning, Healthy Bytes reduces errors and speeds processing. It takes a minute to file a claim, and we take it from there! 

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