Healthy Bytes Updates: New Office, Speedy Eligibility Estimates

We’re so excited to share a few pieces of news with you today. First, we’re expanding! From time to time we’ve introduced you to members of our growing team; today, we’re sharing that we’re opening a second office location to continually improve upon how we partner with you to exceed your business needs!

New Office Now Open in North Carolina

Our new office is now up and running in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We’ll be introducing you to our new team members next month – they are excited to work with you! What does growing our team ultimately mean for you? It means that we’re continually taking steps to service your practices so that your insurance, billing and reimbursement experience is painless and oh-so-effortless! 

Cutting Eligibility Estimate Time in Half

One of our specific aims for this summer is to cut the time it takes to conduct an eligibility estimate for you in half – down to just two to three days!  

Eligibility estimates are important tools to help you get reimbursed by insurance companies! They're how you know from the get-go if your patient is covered by his/her plan for your nutritional counseling services. It entails estimating the services that your patient's health insurance company covers. Essentially, you're checking to see if the patient's plan covers nutrition counseling services and any additional diagnosis codes you may be given. As the insurance agent will tell you, an eligibility estimate isn't a guarantee of coverage, but you can generally feel comfortable accepting what you learn as true. Check out our eligibility estimate examples on the blog for more information! 

Healthy Bytes manages conducting eligibility estimates on your behalf. As you know, spending time on the phone or on hold with insurance agencies takes patience and more patience! This is why we’re so pleased about our expansion and our goal of reducing the return time on eligibility estimates so that you can see more patients who are covered by their plans for your nutrition counseling services. Stay tuned for more updates later this summer!

If you have any questions or feedback about our commitment to reducing eligibility estimate wait times, please reach out to us! We’re here for you via phone: 1-844-4RD-BILL and email: