Are You Ready to Hire another RDN or CNS?

Are you finding yourself turning away clients because your schedule is booked through October? If you are, that’s incredible! Your nutrition counseling services are in demand! Perhaps you’re wishing you didn’t have to turn them away, however. Is it time to hire another RDN or CNS? 

Hiring an employee, a partner, a colleague – is a big step. Here are a few things to consider: 

Your Growth Goals 

Think about your business growth goals. Do you want to grow your business by 25% year over year? Or are you comfortable with your current level of income? Do you want to be the sole RDN/CNS in your practice – or are you eager to take on management responsibilities in order to grow? Bringing on another RDN or CNS may bring added flexibility to your current schedule, freeing up some of your client-facing time for you to spend more time with family, friends, or on other business goals. 

You may be dreaming of opening a second office. Or a third! Or perhaps one business location is the perfect fit for you. Think about your values and what matters most to you before jumping into making that hire. Keep in mind, too, that some of these changes pertaining to additional practice locations and adding dietitians to your business may affect your existing contracts with carriers - Healthy Bytes can help you with this! 

Budgeting for Staff

Take a look at your budget – can you afford to bring on another RDN/CNS? What amount are you willing and/or able to allocate to his or her salary? If you need help with this, sit down with your accountant to figure out what is feasible. 

Full Time, Part Time, Contract?

You don’t necessarily need to make a traditional, full-time hire. Perhaps you want to work with your new partner on a contract basis to make sure he/she is a good fit for your practice first. Perhaps you are only interested in bringing on someone part-time. Perhaps you don’t want to add this person to your payroll, but instead want to work with him/her on an ad hoc basis – reach out to your attorney for support in creating the necessary paperwork, whether it's for contract for short-term work or full-time employment. Do keep in mind that the IRS lays out some guidelines for you to determine whether your hire should be classified as an employee or as a 1099 worker.

Finding Your Match 

Take your time in finding your new hire – it takes time to source good talent. Make sure your personalities and nutrition philosophies mesh! Do you want someone to take your diabetes client case load? Do you want someone who is a recent graduate, or someone who has 15 years of experience in nutrition counseling? 

Consider contacting the Society for Human Resource Management for advice from certified human resource professionals, too – it’s always good to talk through your needs and challenges with other professionals! 

Stay tuned for future posts on onboarding a new employee and for getting your new RDN or CNS up and running with your Healthy Bytes platform!