How to Tell Which Plans You Can Accept

Just because you have a contract with an insurance company doesn't mean you can see all patients who have that insurance. Most insurances divide levels of benefits using plans—sets of benefits that insurance companies have 'packaged' together.

Even after you have contracts with insurance companies (complete with effective dates!), your contracts may only be for specific plans.

So, how can you tell which plans your insurance contract covers?

Plans you can accept are generally listed in your contract, but not necessarily in a user-friendly format. One of the quickest ways to find out what plans you're covered for is to search an insurance company’s online provider directory.

In most directories, you can search for your own name without selecting a plan. Once the results pop up, you can see which plans appear next to your name. These are the plans you can be reimbursed for in-network.

If you're unable to find yourself in an online directory and are confused about the wording in your contract, you should call the insurance company directly and speak to the contracting department or the network management contact (also referred to as Network Account Rep).

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